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We have invited speakers from some of the most exciting companies in Denmark and abroad.

  • Airbnb

    Christopher Monnier

    Design Researcher

  • Spotify

    Stanley Wood

    Design Director

  • BBC

    David Bailey

    Creative Director, UX&D

  • CIID

    Rory Hamilton & Julia Frederking

    Design Director / Senior Service Designer

  • Mailchimp

    Eric Muntz

    VP of Product

  • Volvo Cars

    Joakim Christoffersson

    UX/UI Design Specialist

  • Planday

    Flemming Rasmussen

    Head of User Experience & Design

  • Drivr

    Nicky Grunfeld

    Product manager & UX

  • MobilePay

    Peter Gregersen

    Business developer and UX

  • Skype &

    Ross Smith & Dana Maria Popa

    Director of Engineering / Senior UX Designer

  • Danish Design Center

    Christian Bason

    Chief Executive

  • PauseAble

    Peng Cheng


  • tiimo

    Helene Nørlem


  • Clue

    Mike LaVigne

    Co-Founder and Head of product

  • 23

    Sarper Erel

    Product Designer

  • Operate

    Kezia Museth, Thomas Simsby and Ina Rosen

  • Pentia

    Dea Buus Marcussen and Peter Kræmmer

  • Think! Digital

    Toke Grøfte and Asger Østerbæk

  • The conference team

    Ingrid Haug & Helle Martens

    UX Designer / UX Consultant & Engineer

Hear stories, and cases, and get inspiration from 2 full days of design, talks and workshops

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